Haspoa Horizon

Financial Management System for Clinical Trial Sites

Haspoa for Clinical Trial Sites

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Losing thousands of dollars each year due to billing errors and uncollected revenue?

Frustrated trying to see the big picture of your site study metrics?


Wasting time because communication between coordinators, finance team and other study members is disconnected?

Collect all of the money that you are owed
Developed in collaboration with industry experts, Haspoa Horizon gives clinical trial sites simple tools to manage their financial files and processes in one place to improve cash flow and revenue.

Haspoa…simplifying the business of life science
Spend less time looking for answers and more time improving human health.

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Time Saving
Reduce wasted time looking for answers searching through siloed spreadsheets and manually revising budgets

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Tailored to your site’s needs and expandable as needs change

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Data across different sources are stored in one place with an option for QuickBooks connector

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Easy to Use
No complicated training required and staff loves it


Instantly transform rows of data across different sources into visuals and dashboards – always know the status of your study and real time revenue forecasts


Meets HIPPA, GDPR and EU-US guidelines

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Increased Revenue
Reduce billing errors, collect overlooked reimbursement and improve cash flow

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About us

Why do you need Haspoa?

Tired of creating your clinical trial budgets by hand...wasting time and losing money managing study finances in spreadsheets? Learn how you can streamline the process, earn more revenue and ease the burden on taxed clinical administrators with Haspoa.

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Hear from the Experts

The Importance of Technology:

A Side-By-Side Comparison - An interview with a Chief Executive Officer of a Veterans Health Foundation a clinical trial sites

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CTMS systems are too
complex and expensive…

Portable and
customizable… remove
parts or expand with growth

Integration with QuickBooks
is a game changer

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Build a budget once…
coordinators see changes in real time
for better decision making

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Mounds of paper now
in one place…I’m organized
and able to scale to more trials

Drastically reduced billing
errors and more revenue recovered
from unbilled items

Simple…no training required…
Our staff loves it and adopts it!

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Our most effective marketing tool…tracking success metrics so we stand out from other clinical trial sites

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Pricing Plans



Per 5 Users Per Year


  • Clinical Trial Sites Management
  • Time Tracking



Per 5 Users Per Year


  • Clinical  Trial Sites Management
  • Time Tracking
  • Contract Amendments
  • Grant & Contract Management



Per 5 Users Per Year


  • Clinical Trial Sites Management
  • Time Tracking
  • Contract Amendments
  • Grant & Contract Management
  • Financial Forecast
  • Budgeting Scenarios
  • Tasks, Reminders & Calendars
  • QuickBooks Integration
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