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coffee trading

Tradehouse Systems: Commodity Management (THS)

Easily configured to the way coffee importers, trading customers, exporters and roasters run their business, THS is a Commodity Trading Risk Management (CTRM) system that delivers insights enabling informed decisions, increased productivity, greater efficiency, and improved profitability. THS software is a single Quickbase app with powerful coffee industry specific features encompassing trading, hedging, logistics, finance and quality control.

clinical trial management 1

Haspoa: Clinical Trial Financial Management

Quickbase app developed in collaboration with industry experts, Haspoa Horizon gives clinical trial sites simple tools to manage their financial files and processes in one place to improve cash flow and revenue. Clinical Trial sites losing millions of dollars a year due to billing errors and uncollected revenue, struggle to wrangle multiple data sources and see the big picture of site study metrics. Haspoa is an all in one, user friendly Quickbase app built in collaboration with industry experts to simplify the business of life science.


resource mapper

Resource Mapper

Make the most of your talent with our Resource Mapper Quickbase app.

time tracker

Time Tracker

Is your team constantly billing time to projects that are no longer active or out of billable hours? Are you able to track your company’s profitability by project? Welcome to the easy Time Tracker Quickbase app that works the way humans actually work.

Document Scanning and Parsing

Tired of retyping information from invoices into spreadsheets and finance systems? Try this quickbase app.


E-signature and Document Storage

Expand your CRM to include electronic signatures and searchable document storage with this simple Quickbase app.

project master suite

Project Master Suite

Quickbase app that makes project management easier


Access Replacement

Replace any Access database with an easy-to-use, web-based app.

marketing portfolio management

Invoice Approval & Processing

By eliminating the emails, data entry and over billing in your company’s Accounts Payable processes, you can increase productivity by 40% with this Quickbase app.

roofing construction

Roofing and Construction Management

With CloudBase’s Roofing and Construction Quickbase app, businesses can manage sales, jobs, staff, payments and purchases in a single application.


Integrate with Tableau and Power BI

Are you tired of pouring through multiple systems and endless spreadsheets to determine the health of your business?

Integrating Quickbase with either Tableau or Power BI will save you time and money. Simply create table reports in Quickbase and send the data over to either Tableau or PowerBI or bring it back to Quickbase.


Budget and Forecasting

Does pulling financial data from multiple sources have you frustrated? Cut costs and increase profit with quick access to a single source of accurate financial data. Manage your budget in real time with the Budget and Forecasting application


Data Wrangling

A database is only as good as the information in it but ensuring your data is correct and comprehensive is hard. What finance calls “revenue” may not be the same as what the sales team defines as “revenue”. Finding, preparing and/or loading clean, accurate and useful data can be time consuming.  So much so that many databases get launched with little or no data and as a result, user adoption is low and reports are useless.


Management Dashboards

Quick access to important data is vital to running a successful business. Our Management Dashboards provide immediate insight to the pivotal data you need to monitor all of your projects.


Quickstart by Cloudbase

You have done the hard work of designing, building and launching a new database but now how do you empower your team to get the most benefit from it?  It’s time to accelerate your path to success!