Data Wrangling

A database is only as good as the information in it but ensuring your data is correct and comprehensive is
hard. To get the full picture, you need to get data from multiple departments. What finance calls
“revenue” may not be the same as what the sales team defines as “revenue”. Finding, preparing and/or
loading clean, accurate and useful data can be time consuming. So much so that many databases get
launched with little or no data and as a result, user adoption is low and reports are useless.


We will review your data to make sure it’s good. We’ll ask the tough questions and write out
definitions of the key terms. We’ll work with you to find the right source and fill in holes.
● We will clean you data
● We will load the data into new apps. We can also transform (aka re-arrange) or clean the data.


● Users will adopt the new system.
● Managers will rely on the reports and dashboards in QuickBase because they trust the validity of
the data.
● You will be a hero


CloudBase Services Data Wrangler: $10K
● Load data from 1-3 sources into 3-5 Quickbase tables
● Create (or validate) 5-10 key business metrics
● Build a management dashboard including key metrics
● Draft and post 2 pages within the apps.
● Help guide to maintain and improve data tables and metrics
● Recommendations for the use of Pipelines to bring in additional sources of data