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Management Dashboards

Quick access to important data is vital to running a successful business. Our Management Dashboards
provide immediate insight to the pivotal data you need to monitor all of your projects.
● Integrate, store and combine your data from multiple sources
● Create custom dashboards and views for executives or managers with specific graphs, charts and
reports that provide a clear view into the health of your business and enable better decision
● View project status and monitor activity
● Showcase the work your team has done
● Add notifications to ensure you don’t miss important data changes
● Include corporate colors and logos to further enhance the experience.

If your company uses Tableau, Power BI or another data visualization tool, Cloudbase Services can
integrate Quickbase with that system. The data in your Quickbase app can be automatically sent to the
dashboarding tool OR to a data warehouse. (Goodbye, .csv files to transfer data) Charts and graphs from
the dashboarding tool can be displayed on your Quickbase dashboard. (So long, multiple system log ins.)
The graphic above is a Tableau report on a Quickbase dashboard. You can filter and change the timeline
as if you were in Tableau!