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Pulse – QuickBase Pipelines Monitoring

Pipelines are the future of QuickBase automation. But Pipelines currently have blindspots when it comes to monitoring, debugging, account management, and analytics.

Enter Pulse by CloudBase Services.

Pulse Pipelines Management Tool offers:

  1. Real-time Pipeline failure monitoring and notifications
  2. Insightful and customizable analytics to track the behavior of your Pipelines in real time
  3. Congregate the Pipelines from all your realms into one location for easier management
  4. All housed in the comfort and usability of a QuickBase application

Pulse by CloudBase can monitor for:

Failed Pipelines

Failed Pipelines, if your Pipelines are failing and you are not aware, that can be catastrophic for your business or non-profit

Step Runs

Step runs, know which Pipelines are using step-runs so you can manage your step-run budget easier than ever

Abnormal Behavior

Abnormal behavior, know if your Pipeline’s are taking much longer than normal to finish or not running at all, then address these issues before it’s too late

Many more!

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