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Fun news over here. After 12 years in business, we’ve put on a new coat of brand paint with fresh colors, a new tagline and updated messages that match how we serve our customers now. Welcome to our shiny new website.

Why the new look?

As our business has grown, so have our skills, our style, our mission and the way we serve clients and partners.

What we stand for: A better way to work

We do more than give our clients a great technology stack. It’s really about giving them a better way to work.

We’ve seen firsthand how some of the best companies in the world operate every day, how their teams collaborate, how they excel at serving their customers and how they study themselves and the marketplace in order to do great work.

Now we share those insights—and the diverse backgrounds of our 20-person team—to help make businesses of all kinds more productive, more satisfying and rapidly more profitable.

Hello, new tagline: “Let’s make business simpler.”

Our business process expertise makes all the difference. The new tagline is all about our commitment to making businesses more successful while making jobs easier.

Nerd out on the new logo with us?

Our previous logo featured shades of navy and, dare we say, periwinkle. Not bad, but it felt a bit chilly. We stand for leveraging human potential and talent.

We wanted that focus—and our warm, personable customer service—to permeate our brand look and feel. The time had come for a softer, friendlier color scheme.

The new green and blue gradient felt fresh, cheerful and reassuring. Gradients resemble light across a space. That felt right. We’re full of illuminating ideas.

We kept the circle-based cloud image in the logo because it communicated the ease and simplicity of interconnected systems—while speaking to our cloud computing core.

The new font is clean, modern and more integrated with the logo button.

So that’s a bit about our brand refresh.

We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment area below.

Author: CloudBase Services