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Our team optimizes performance, control and visibility into business processes. CloudBase has a custom mix of process improvement, system design and development, integrations, analytics, training and support.

We apply our multi-disciplinary expertise as business creators, process nerds, data analysts, user interface designers, integrators, trainers, change management experts, armchair psychologists, and technology pros. CloudBase can clear your unique path to success.

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Debbie Taylor

CEO & Founder

Passionate about helping businesses run better—and seeing results in the bottom line—Debbie has improved operations in dozens of organizations, often calling on her expertise in advanced database design. She has managed day-to-day operations for multi-million dollar companies and sold products to Fortune 100 companies. Debbie has over 15 years experience in Quickbase development.

In addition, Debbie has improved systems at tech (Apple and IBM) and biotech (Chiron) companies as well as education organizations (Kaplan, Stanford and Sylvan). She holds a bachelor’s degree from Princeton University and an MBA from Stanford University and hopes her three kids never outgrow playing Scrabble with their mom.

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Madan Kumar

Analytics Practice Lead

A former founding member of APT Life Sciences and Arda Technologies, Madan has managed engineering and technical teams on three continents. He thrives in dynamic, innovative environments like the one he helps guide at CloudBase. He’s also proud of his non-profit work on workforce development, education, water and sanitation. Madan has has over 5 years experience in Quickbase development.

Madan holds B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from Stanford University in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering.

A native of India, Madan finds happiness in family, cooking, eating, running and serving on the Berkeley Public Schools Fund Board.


Lisa Sullivan

Sales and Marketing Leader

Lisa Sullivan is the newest member of our CloudBase Services team, joining as VP of Sales and Marketing.
With over 20 years of industry experience, Lisa has been accountable for creating efficiencies, providing improved data to measure effectiveness and a better understanding of the direction of the business, and delivering world-class services to our customers and partners.
Her experience includes being Director of Worldwide Education Operations for BEA Systems, Director, Oracle University Sales, and Marketing Operations, Director, Pega Academy Global Operations
and most recently Vice President, Sales, and Marketing at the Data Collaborative.
If there’s something cooking in the kitchen, she is likely the one at the stove but if not there, you might find her working in the garden or out walking with her dog. Lisa also loves to travel and has been fortunate to see a lot of this incredible world! She highly values the connections she has made over the past many years and looks forward to meeting and expanding our customer base.

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Steve VonKolkow

Sales Platform Engineer

Steve has enjoyed a few careers spanning engineering, operations and entrepreneurship. What gets him up in the morning is the prospect of working with teams to solve problems and streamline processes in business applications. Well, that and a good cup of coffee!

The brains behind our TradeHouse Systems application – software that speaks coffee – THS
is a single Quickbase app with powerful coffee industry-specific features encompassing
trading, hedging, logistics, finance, and quality control.”

Steve holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Oregon State University. He enjoys spending time with his family and nature and is most happy with a backpack on his back, riding a bike or sailing along the coast of California

Dan 2021 Headshot

Dan Park

Solution Architect

An enthusiast of all things Quickbase, Dan has spent his professional life using technology to solve real and business world problems. He is passionate about helping his clients in any way possible. His expertise lies in simplifying complicated work flows through automation, and formulaic equations.

Dan has a BBA in Marketing from Temple University Fox School of Business and an MED from Cabrini University. Dan has has over 5 years experience in Quickbase development.


Samantha Spielman

A recent addition to our team, Samantha is a former client of CloudBase Services providing her
with a unique understanding and appreciation for the level of service and positive outcomes the
company delivers.
Throughout her career, Samantha has focused on streamlining processes and workflows to
benefit both the internal structures of organizations and the clients they serve. She has worked
in project management, development and client services in the government, political, business
and non-profit arenas making her an extraordinary fit here at CloudBase.
Family, friends, and a love for her community keep her happy and involved when she isn’t in the
office. She holds a B.A. in Communication Studies from the University of California, Los

Cathy 2021 Headshot

Cathy Schaefer

Director of Operations

Cathy holds the ship together around here. Her problem-solving and customer service skills are unmatched. She thrives on streamlining processes everywhere and ensuring client expectations are exceeded on every level. Before working at CloudBase Services, Cathy spent almost 20 years in the electrical and chemical engineering fields. Cathy earned her degree in English Literature from California State University, East Bay. In her spare time, Cathy enjoys hiking and biking throughout the Bay Area.

JT 2021 Headshot


Solution Designer

JT is a trained physicist and software engineer. He builds public-facing and private applications for small and large companies. A user interface designer, JT believes the most important part of being a good software engineer is effective communication with clients. He has worked with, Giant Rabbit, and CERN, among others and is proficient in Ruby on Rails, Javascript, HTML/CSS, ASP and Java. JT has has over 5 years experience in Quickbase development. JT attended the University of California at Santa Barbara and Berkeley.

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Dimitriy Rossimov

Dimitriy is a Quickbase guru with over 10 years of experience. He’s passionate about improving and automating processes to increase productivity, enrich user experiences and solve business challenges.

He loves the epiphany moment when his clients realize other use cases for the features he’s built, knowing he can optimize those as well! He’s an enthusiast of Quickbase and is captivated by the breadth of industries and solutions it provides.

Dimitriy studied computer science at UC Berkeley. Outside of work, Dimitry loves spending time with his wife, 2 children and dog, traveling and playing basketball.

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